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Can I use my international driver's license?
Valid drivers’ licenses issued in any US state or territory is acceptable (and required) as well as international licenses. We do require a passport to be presented with any international license.
NOTE: Out of State drivers’ license requires proof to temporary stay such as a paid airline/bus/trail itinerary or ticket.

Do I need insurance?
Yes, you will need insurance to cover both you and the vehicle. Although, most personal insurance policies will cover a rental car, we encourage you to check with your agent/company. Also, many credit card companies provide coverage- again, please check with your credit card issuer. Note: Most debit cards DO NOT provide coverage. If you need coverage for the vehicle, we do have basic liability that will cover you, but they are very low state required limits. We also offer a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) that will cover the car- there are some exclusions. Call us for details.

What are your age requirements?
All drivers and/or paying parties must be age 21 or older. There is an additional fee for drivers age 21-24. We are unable to rent to anyone under age 21.


Do you pick up and drop off customers?
We do pick up and drop off customers within 5 miles at local hotels, provided you are a guest of that hotel or businesses, such as repair shops or body shops if you are a customer. We cannot pick up at a residence, on the side of the road, parking lots, or the like.

Do you deliver and pick up the vehicle?
Please see: Do you deliver at hotels?

Do you pick up at the airports?
We are not permitted to pick up customers directly at/from the airport terminal due to City of Albuquerque Council regulations. However, we are only 2 miles from the airport. There are Uber, Lyft and Taxi services at the airport. We can, however, provide a ride back to the Airport.

Do you deliver at the hotels?
Yes, we do provide these services to area hotels (within 5 miles) in two ways: If you are a verified guest at a local hotel, we can deliver the vehicle to you provided we can prepare the contract and payment over the phone or via fax. Or we can deliver the vehicle before you arrive provided the desk clerk or concierge will allow us to drop the car and keys (most allow!) and the needed paperwork/payment is secured in advance. Call us to set this up.

Method of payment

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Debit cards are welcome provided they have the renters name embossed on the card and are not a pre-paid or gift card. In very limited circumstances we can do a cash rental- please call us in advance of your arrival for information.

Can I use another persons credit card for renting a vehicle?
Yes, but the cardholder must agree to the terms of the rental and agree to be on the rental contract. They must be available at the time of rental.


Do I need a deposit?
Yes, a deposit equal to the amount of the rental and your card will be charged in full for the rental at the beginning of the rental for a credit card payment. Debit cards are charged this amount also plus $100 for incidentals- which will be promptly credited back to the card for any amount unused amount.
NOTE: We will happily provide a receipt that shows the date and time we processed the refund, however, we cannot be responsible for how long your bank may take to actually credit the money back to your account.

How much is the deposit?
The deposits is based on the type of vehicle, usually from $250.00 to $500.00 for cash deposits.

Type of vehicles

What type of cars do you have?
We have compact and minivans

Do you have automatic or stick shift cars?
All vehicles are automatic

Do you have air conditioned cars?
Yes, all our cars have air conditioning.

Do you rent cars by the hour?
Yes, cars can be rented by the hour with a minimum of 4 hours.


Do you offer accessories with your rentals?
Sorry, we do not offer car seat, booster seat or GPS units for rent

Additional charges

Is there an additional charge for more than one driver?
Yes. The charge is $5 per day.

Is there an additional charge for fuel?
We make every effort to dispatch our vehicles with a full tank and should return full to avoid fueling charges. When a vehicle is dispatch with less and full, we will mark the level and please return back at this level. We are unable to issue refunds for fuel.

Is there an additional charge for underage?
Yes, it only applies to customers that are 21-24 years old; this charge is $15 per day.


Can I drive out-of-state?
No, vehicles are for use within the local area ONLY (Albuquerque/Rio Rancho/Santa Fe only). We are unable to offer rentals outside of this area at this time.

Do you have unlimited mileage.
No. However, All rentals include 150 miles per day x number of days rented. For a weekly rental, this is 1000 miles. Additional miles are billed at 20 cents per mile. It is very rare that renters exceed these allowances!

Monthly Special

If I rent a vehicle for a month can I get a good price?
Yes, vehicles can be rented by the month and receive a special offer.

Returning vehicles

If I have a flight leaving during your closing hours, is there anywhere I can leave your vehicle?
Yes, we have an after-hours drop off and shuttle to the airport 24hrs a day. Let us know in advance for instructions on where to leave your vehicle.